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PatternMusic ®

PatternMusic title

Classic mobile music creation app - discontinued

Create compelling, original music on your iPhone or iPad with PatternMusic ®.

PatternMusic was designed to inspire creativity, learning and experimentation

in music enthusiasts and experts alike. 


• Create songs intuitively using layered instrument patterns.

• Play an interactive polyphonic musical instrument with over 50 different voices.

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App Discontinued

The PatternMusic app was available from 2009 through 2022,

and it was featured at the debut of the iPad in 2010.
During that period PatternMusic had more than a quarter million downloads.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the iOS platform,
the PatternMusic app is no longer available for the iPhone, iPad or Mac.

What's inside PatternMusic:

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The Song Stage

  • Intuitively mix and arrange your songs by moving instrument icons.

  • Effortlessly add, duplicate and delete instruments.

Pattern Editor

Multi-Touch Pattern Editor

  • Easily create unique looping note patterns.

  • Editor zoom - because not everyone has the same size fingers.

  • Up to 64 notes per pattern via the scrolling timeline.

  • Scroll through a 4 octave range for each instrument.

  • Solo mode - focus on a single part of your composition.

  • Dynamics for individual notes.

Instrument Voice Picker


  • 50 instrument voices to choose from.

  • Change voices at any time. 

  • A full drum kit and percussion set.

Help panel

Built-in Help and Tutorials

  • A complete Help system is accessible throughout the app. 

  • Access built-in and on-line Video Tutorials.

Settings Panel

Instrument and Song Settings

  • Tempo (including "tap tempo" for interactive tempo matching).

  • Time Signature

  • Scales - work within a mode and avoid "wrong" notes. (more than 40 scales available)

  • Note length configurable from 1/16 note triplets to dotted whole notes.

  • Looping control - infinite or counted. 

  • Configurable instrument start point.

  • Swing - create shuffle effects. 

  • Transpose - up or down up to two octaves (an 8 octave total range).

New song creation dialog

Song Management

  • PatternMusic automatically saves your songs when you quit or when you are interrupted, and it automatically restores your last session when you return. 

  • Manage your songs including song duplicate, rename and delete.

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